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Welcome to PassionRP!

PassionRP is a new roleplay community for GTA/FiveM. Feel free to look around the topics and discussions to answer any questions you may have.



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  • PassionRP Controls



    Chat commands


    /911- Call Emergency Services

    /911a - Send Annonymous call to Emergency Services

    /911r - Reply back to 911 call


    /a - uses animation with prefix

    /am - toggles animations menu

    /answer - answers the phone call


    /bank - tells you how much money you have in your bank

    /binds - Opens the Menu to set/view your key bindings

    /call - call (name) start a call with named player

    /cash - Tells you how much money you have in your wallet

    /decorate - Toggles the decorate menu for your house


    /engine - Toggles engine on/off

    /g1 - Takes glasses off

    /getintrunk - get in trunk

    /givecarkeys - givecarkeys (id) -- Gives car keys to player

    /givecash - gives cash to player

    /glasses - Takes glasses off


    /h - hangs up the phone call

    /h1 - Takes Hat Off

    /hat - Takes Hat Off

    /id - Checks your ID

    /inv - Opens your inventory

    /kidnaptrunk - Kidnap someone into the trunk

    /laprace - laprace (race) (betAmount)


    /m1 - Takes mask off

    /mask - Takes mask off

    /me - character interactions

    /notes - Make notes

    /ooc - out of character chat

    /parachuteoff - Takes your parachute off


    /quitrace - Quit the race - no refunds

    /race - Create a street race

    /removeplate - Removes Fake Plate

    /report - Send report to staff

    /roll - Rolls dice


    /scubasuit - takes off scuba suit

    /shuff - switch seats

    /startlaprace - Starts the lap race you set up with laprace command

    /startrace -Starts the race you created

    /stoplaprace - stops a lap race you set up with laprace command

    /stoprace - stops the race you tried starting

    /transfercar - transfercar (id) (plate) --- Transfers car with plate number to id

    /vestoff - Takes your Vest off




    F1 - A dial menu, with Vehicle Options/ Job Options/ Civilian Actions. 
    Tab - Inventory / Glove box 
    Grave Accent (`) - Change Tokovoip Voice Range

    Home  - Check Total Players in Server and other details.


    G - Seatbelt In Car
    - - Left Indicator
    = - Right Indicator

    L - Car Locks

    H - Headlights


    F9 - Tablet
    K - Wallet/job info
    M -  Open your phone. 


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