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  1. Added - Integrated in game for tracking user info/staff controlling/managing. - Credits to Hamz#0001 for making this panel Removed - Removed Traphouse, Going to be working on it over the next week to bring it back bug free and fully working. Fixes - Upgraded artifacts. There is a much anticipated version of FiveM being delivered soon, that we're waiting for. This will fix many issues that is out of our control. Hopefully it is delivered soon.
  2. Fixes - Pet store was reported not working which is now resolved Additions - Added "Hold F to keep engine on" for all vehicles ( exits w/door in open-state ).
  3. Fixes - After talking with people that run the traphouse, we have shown them the value in a multitude of new items. they are so amazed, that they are now purchasing all those items. - The Banks have been consilting with the FIB a lot recently, I think they have plans to increase the amount of items stored in their Vaults. - Stanley has noticed your interested in some of the small items; that he thought was useless. He will make attempts to strip more of these items for you. - Buffed House Stashes from 1000 KG - 10,000 KG - Fixed Staff Chat - Made it so your Wallet ID is now shown at the bottom of the crypto app for transfers - Fixed some OP Stuff in the Traphouse - Buffed all Player Owned Business Salaries, They now start at 150 and go up to 250 for the owner of the business. - Reduced the radius of the GPS Tracking half - Since we released the hotdog stand we've received some feedback, we have increased the payout price ( ranged for each type) and have reduced the costs to rent a stand by half. - Hotdog stand radius for peds is a bit decreased to try and counter local peds in vehicles stopping in the middle of the roads, please bare that in mind when you're out selling. - Increased required cops for van jobs. ( Now Requires 4 ) - Fixed Notifications while off duty for PD/EMS - Made it so Off Duty PD/EMS can't join restricted channels. - Fixed Stash's inside Houses Added - New Job: Nightclub for the Nightclub Owner - Added doorlocks, stash, shop and money safe to the nightclub - Added CryptoSticks to Pacific Bank Robbery. This will give you a random amount of bitcoin. You need to find the hacking house to input the crypto, - Added a Black Market. It's a Door, you need to walk up to it and press E. - Added a Material Market. So you can either spend your time or spend your money, It's on the map at the junk yard. - Added Real Estate Interior. - Added Locks to the Vineyard Removal - Removed hard cuffing, we don't think it's fair your anchored to the ground, ROLEPLAY IT OUT DONT JUST RUN OFF WHEN YOUR CUFFED - Removed Weazel News Interior
  4. Updates - Anti Cheat has been updated and tweaked. - Admin tools have been updated. Removal Addition
  5. Bug Fix - Most of you already are aware of our Anti-Cheat System, Usually modders update their software, so we have to as well, Welp, We Did Just That. ( Basically put our Anti Cheat on steriods x69. ) - Anti Cheat has been tweaked after our first successful run, ( Caught 1 Modder in the Process ) - /decorate menu has been fixed ( Anti Cheat Related ) Removal = Phone Update Reverted due to some minor Issues with it, will be working soon. Addition - Added Crypto Currency ( PBits ) to the game. - Added Crypto Currency Exchange to the game. - Cryptosticks ( which add free pbits ) to your account in the exchange. You get these from High Level Robberies.
  6. Bug Fix - Updated Havoc MC Cuts - Fixed Repair Kits Downgrading engine to 50% if it's above that. - Reduced Text Rendering Distance for Money Safes. - Moved Whiskey Jim's door lock and stash - Pets now despawn if the owner Logs out Removal Addition - Misfit MC Cuts - Warning Notifications when pets are getting tired or hungry - New Female/Male Haircuts. - Traphouses ( Player Owned Store, as a controllable resource that automates selling items to locals ), if you find the traphouse you can get the pincode by holding up locals by pointing your gun at them. Some of the locals might know and will give you the code. Otherwise you'll steal a little money from them. - /entertrap house is the command if you are up against the door for a trap house.
  7. Bug Fix - Fixed the animation cancel bug on the recycle job. - We adjusted our player slots back down to 64 to surpress the default danny issue. - Buffed Van Jobs - You cannot run and apply a vest anymore - You cannot put on vests in 5 seconds anymore Removal - Removed pee and poop (got abused too quicky, shitlordy) Addition - Van jobs have been rewritten from the ground up from v1. Here are some key differences: 1. Requires 3 cops online. 2. It does alert the police, much like a bank robbery. 3. It pays out a variety of different random rewards: money, gold bars, watches, weapons (not class 2's), drugs, other goodies. 4. It's harder. There are different tiers of van jobs - and it's random. Some of the van jobs there will be 7 or 8 NPC's hiding in the bushes with class 2s. One of the job has 2 people with bean bag shotguns and a taser. You might get wrecked. 5. It has a cooldown of 60 minutes per steam id.
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