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  1. HiMother

    Community Meeting

    The staff team will be hosting a community meeting on Sunday, 22 March, at 8 P.M GMT and 4 P.M EST. The agendas of the meeting will include but are not limited to: Upcoming updates for the server Current Server Status Plan with OneSync Listen to the requests/ideas from the community. Roadmap development team
  2. Basic Radio Tutorial: Type /radio and join a frequency. Frequencies 1 - 10 are locked for whitelisted jobs. Make sure you have an in-game push to talk key for radio only (default PTT is 'N'). You can change this in your settings. To change your PTT key in game, go to Settings > Key Bindings > Hit Enter > GTA Online > Push to Talk > Set new binding. 3 -Anyone in your proximity, you use your Teamspeak PTT, people close to you will also hear you talking on radio, however they cannot hear who you are talking to. To talk on your radio, you use your in-game PTT. To exit the radio, you click on the end call button on the radio to exit the frequency which will then notify you that you have left. You can also type /r followed by your desired frequency to instantly join the radio channel. For eg, `/r 123.2` to instantly join the radio frequency 123.2.
  3. To successfully connect and play on PassionRP server, you need to have to TeamSpeak and TokoVOIP Plugin installed in your computer. The steps below show how to download TeamSpeak and TokoVOIP, First, you need to have TeamSpeak downloaded. You can download Teamspeak at : https://teamspeak.com/en/ Continue installing TeamSpeak to your computer through the Installation Wizard. Download TokoVOIP Plugin & select ts3-plugin 1.5.4 at : https://github.com/Itokoyamato/TokoVOIP_TS3/releases After downloading the TokoVOIP Plugin, run TeamSpeak as 'Administrator'. Continue installing the TokoVOIP plugin. After successful installation of the plugin, head over to Tools > Options > Addons > Make sure TokoVOIP is 'Enabled' in the TeamSpeak application. Make sure you have a Push-To-Talk (PTT) key binded on Teamspeak. Connect to our TeamSpeak at: ts.passionrp.com Go to Teamspeak > Self > Soundpack > Sound Deactivated (This is optional if you dont wanna hear people moving in and out of channels). Join the "TokoVOIP Lobby - Join here". Open up FiveM, connect to PassionRP server. Once connected to the server you will need to go to Plugins > TokoVoip > Connect. Please wait for sometime if the connect doesn't appear. You will then be automatically moved down to the "TokoVOIP - In Game" channel on TeamSpeak. Once, you're in-game, you will need to disable in-game voice chat. Hit 'ESC' > Settings > Voice chat > Disable (If you do not do this you will hear everyone in the TS channel). You can change your voice range in-game with the button ' ` ' - tilde key/ back quote key.
  4. The long awaited wipe has come and we have done our absolute best to give you a new and better experience than before, we really hope you do like it. With the wipe we have also prepared quite the updates which will be released straight away, quite some will follow after as well. Due to the time restrain, many of the things are yet to be added, and will be added in the next couple of days. To give you some insight we'll list some updates in our change logs and some you'll find out IC (in city). What does this mean for my account? Shortly said, everything has been wiped clean, everyone starts a new character in a new freshly reformed economy. What happens to people in whitelisted jobs? (PD, EMS, Mechanic) Everyone in whitelisted jobs/gangs the rosters will remain same. Your ranks/jobs will be reassigned to you by a mod/admin. Is there gonna be another wipe? No more wipe will be done anytime soon, although there will be many hotfixes in the next couple of days. Therefore, expect many changes in some of the prices along the week. What do I get for donating? We're offering discount in-game for the properties and additionally housing that can be requested anywhere by you if met by our standards which will be determined by the head of the agency. Besides that you're going to be one of the few in the city with a custom made high quality vehicle.
  5. 4 characters per account are now available! - This comes with a new character selection screen. Phone Update - Stability and defaulted some settings for every new user. - Added Mechanics phone number in the phone. Police Police MDT - This will be a temporarily resource as we are progressing to a much more detailed system. - Usage G in police vehicle. Police Fines - Usage, stand as a PD officer next to a player and do: /fine 300 red light offense /fine 200 speeding 20mph over You can basically fill in any reason as far as the penal code goes. PillBox - Added a more stable version of the Pillbox, checked this performance wise and the analytics show at least better performance instead of the too much detailed previous Pillbox. New properties & Real estate - Now available on the forum for request! https://passionrp.net/ Mechanics AI Mechanic - Be aware, this'll cost you $250 and this mechanic will only make your engine work meaning you still need to go to a mechanic for a full repair. - usage /mechanic Mechanic -Removed Benny's. -Added new mechanic shop. New Criminal Activities -Truck Robbery -A new mission
  6. This update has majorly been focused on optimizing the resources in the server, and reducing the FPS issues that many players have been having. Performance After several testing for hours we have successfully traced back some un-optimized resources and the source of the main FPS loss issues. TokoVoip - Fixed Whisper - Optimized resource Overall resources - Analyizing resources - Optimizing resources - Deleting resources that caused performance issues (new flashlight for example) Staff - Has the possibility to ban you even though you quit the game. Maps - Disabled Court House map until I find a suitable City-hall in general which doesn't have too many rooms which cause FPS/texture issues. HUD Added a new HUD system and replaced the old one for performance reasons, this one is a bit more clean and minimized. - Will receive an update later on. Door Locks - Old Door-lock system has been put back in place. Robbery - Old Robbery (bank) will work like normal again. MRPD - Resulted in a bit too much FPS loss, will review at later point if it's possible to reduce some. Holidays Themed City - To get that cute 'n warm vibe going. Weapons on back - Once you take em out they'll display on your back. New Import - Added Tesla Cyber truck + Quad (only accessible for Diamond donators, we can't have too many of these riding around just yet.) - Credits to Newton & Shadow for this update. PassionRP Dev Team & PassionRP Staff Team
  7. Phone system (special thanks to @Ultra™ | Dev ?) New phone system is set in place with quite the new features. - Twitter/Instagram/Yellowpages for social interaction. - Ability to create social media accounts and able to turn off/on notifications - Minigames for fun times - Billing/bank system integrated Sim card System - Able to change numbers within the game. Black Market dealer - Location changed. - New item added. Safe zones - Radius increased. TWT & Adv - Disabled both since it's integrated in the phone. New PDM imports - VW Polo 2018 - Honda Civic - Bentley Bentayga
  8. New ATM hacking system - 71 ATM's available for hacking all over the map. Anonymous twitter disabled - /anontwt command removed. Police Notifications tweaked - No more spammed gunfire notifications. - Notifications also get dispatched into chat.
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