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Welcome to PassionRP!

PassionRP is a new roleplay community for GTA/FiveM. Feel free to look around the topics and discussions to answer any questions you may have.



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Passion RP Community & Rules


Hello, welcome to Passion RP.


To be allowed to play on PassionRP you have to be OVER THE AGE OF 16 and follow all the rules, regulations and guidelines for our server that are mentioned below, so please make sure to read carefully.


To begin, FiveM is a social game where any interactions you make can impact the world and players around you.


As a role-play server we require each player to stay true to their character.



Here are a few tips and tricks to help your role-play experience:


  • Roleplay is essentially IMPROV. This means to think quickly on your feet and adapt to any situation you are put in.
  •  Be open to other players roleplay.
  • There are no mistakes. Whatever you do or say should be in character at all times, this helps to direct the stories forward.
  • Roleplay is not about winning or losing. In order for roleplay to work, you need to be willing to give and take Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Focus on making sure that not only you’re enjoying yourself but all the other parties involved are too. Just remember that people you are interacting with are REAL people too.
  • Never interrupt if something is going on and you see all parties are engaged in the RP. Do not force yourself into the scene if your character would not normally do so themselves. (remember to stick to your characters traits).
  • OOC is not to be used unless specifically for technically support for new players finding their way or to reach a compromise in a roleplay situation. Using any of these functions incorrectly will lead to removal from Passion RP. We will not accept any toxic behaviour used in the chat.



You are expected to follow all these rules. If you are caught breaking any of these rules you will be subject to punishment.


  1. Community Respect

Do Not: 

  • Use any racist, homophobic, toxic, derogatory or overly sexual remarks in or out of character in any PassionRP hosted services.
  • Attack or harass any member of the community in or out of character or in their DM’s, which includes but is not limited to Discord and Teamspeak.
  • Sending someone angry or offensive out of character messages because of an in-character subject or event.


  1. Deathmatching

Do Not:

  • Stroll up to another player and start insulting them in character with the sole intention of escalating a situation to fight.
  • Shoot or punch a random player to death with no justified reason.
  • Use a vehicle to plow through a group of people with no justified reason.
  • Track down the player(s) responsible for your characters death (you have lost your memory of the situation).
  • Utilize your gang affiliation or motives as a means to enact revenge on the individual(s) that killed your character.
  • Have one of your friends or associates track down your killer(s) and take revenge on them.
  • Shoot someone without saying a word.


  1. Powergaming

Do Not:

  • Commit crimes with more than the maximum number of people for a store or bank robbery. Maximum for a store robbery = 3 people. Maximum for a bank robbery = 4. (unless a predetermined event was discussed with an administrator).
  • Roleplay having a weapon or item on you that you do not actually have (script wise).
  • Use any third party software or hardware (this will result in an immediate ban).
  • Roleplaying that a tweet did not come from you. If it is from your account, then it is from you. (remember that IP’s are easily traced). There is no such things as DM’s on Twitter unless we implement that in.
  • Roleplay that you hid an item or weapon somewhere when it is on your character (if it is on you, then it is on you).
  • Roleplay that you’ve hid an item or weapon somewhere that it wouldn’t fit. For example, a shot gun in a plant pot.
  • Combat store your vehicle if you’re in the middle of a police chase.
  • Retreat to an area inaccessible to the other player in order to gain an advantage (e.g. Police Station, Motel Room, Houses and Locked areas). In doing so, players are permitted to continue the roleplay. If reported, you will receive an infraction or possibly a ban.
  • Using ID’s,to find a player in a bush or to identify a player who should be otherwise hidden from your eyes, or to distinguish them from AI locals.
  • Force a player to withdraw any items or cash from their stashes (houses, gangstashes, etc.) or banks. You will never know how much money they have in the bank. (this also includes bank transfers).
  • Transfer your money, cars, or any other belongings in game to another player because you are quitting the server or might be getting removed from the community. Any players who are on the receiving end, need to report it immediately or both parties shall receive similar punishment.
  • Log into both of your characters on two different computers and transfer a vehicle, house, apartment, money or any assets. In doing so your characters will be wiped and a possible ban.
  • Use any vehicles in ways which they give you an unfair advantage. For e.g. a car with one way bulletproof windows.
  • Initiate or start a store, vangelico, bank or any type of robberies 20 minutes before a restart.


  1. Metagaming

Do Not:

  • Use out of character communication (in any form) to summon a friend to assist you to elude the police or an attacker.
  • Give special attention to an organization leader in attempt to join their organization unless you know of their status (in character).
  • Chase someone in a vehicle to take them hostage solely based on the fact that you know they are a human player.
  • Use any out of character communication (Teamspeak and Discord) whilst in a RP scenario.
  • Use script knowledge as a cop to pre-empt any drug locations or jewellery heists.
  • Use any information from someones stream that is playing in the same server as you.
  • Sharing knowledge, information, any materials or items in between your characters.
  • Give callouts or other situation specific information out while in a downed state, you may only reply with regards to your wellbeing (medical or police etc) while downed.


  1. Offensive Roleplay

Do Not:

  • Perform offensive roleplay without first obtaining the consent of all parties involved involved or present/observing (use OOC, /me or ask over Discord, Teamspeak, etc beforehand).
  • Continue offensive roleplay if the other party has not given consent.
  • Perform any sexual roleplay or roleplay containing sexual innuendos in a public place.
  • Mention or bring into roleplay any sort of major infectious diseases such as HIV or AIDS.
  • Do not make fun or portray through roleplay any actual real world physical or mental disabilities.
  • Excessively use swear words in any in-character situation.


  1. Acknowledging out of character chat

Do Not:

  • Use OOC to contact Admins/Moderators, use /report in-game or the relevant discord channels.
  • Use /pm to share IC knowledge, as /pm is an OOC means of communication.
  • Spam someone in OOC order to avoid roleplaying with them simply because it doesn’t fit your characters agenda.
  • Use OOC for roleplay related chat. There are phone features e.g. Twitter, Yellow Pages, etc for these purposes.


  1. Criminal Activities

Do Not:

  • Have more than 10 members in a gang/group/private organization in total.
  • Have more than 8 members online at the same time.
  • Have more than 4 members in any hostile/criminal situation outside of your base of operations
  • Engage in any hostile situations with more than 4 members, if this is a possibility ensure that the 4 members taking part in the action are predertmined.
  • Use extra members as backup, if one of the 4 members has been downed in an active situation (4 members total in a situation NOT 4 members alive).
  • Have more than 1 hostile situation with the same group in under 30 minutes.
  • Commit the same crime multiple times in the same area (other than selling drugs) within 20 minutes of each other.


  1. Staff Instructions & Rulings.

Do Not:

  • Message the person dealing with your case via forums, discord or teamspeak.
  • Ask about what punishment the person will receive (this information will be kept behind closed doors).
  • Disrespect any staff members dealing with your case. In doing so, we will just terminate the case and you will be the person to receive an infraction.
  • Impersonate staff.
  • Tag or DM staff members through forums, discord or teamspeak without going through the proper channels.


  1. Unacceptable Character Names/Clothing

Do Not:

  • Create a character named (example; “Will Smith”) and pretend that you just finished filming Bad Boys 3.
  • Use names like “DragonSlayer69”. This is not Runescape / World of Warcraft.
  • Use character clothing, which are immersion breaking/unrealistic. For eg: Invisible arms/torso, clipped clothing.


  1. Exploiting Bugs

Do Not:

  • Abuse a bug that allows you to gain an advantage over other players (e.g. a way to double or multiply drugs, money).


  1. Account access

Do Not:

  • Ask to unbanned because someone has hacked or a sibling / friend has trolled on your account.


  1. Circumventing a Ban

Do Not:

  • Utilize a different account to access the platform(s) (e.g. Teamspeak, Discord, FiveM server) which you are banned from.
  • Change your IP to circumvent a ban on any platform.


  1. Suicide & Combat Logging to avoid Roleplay

Do Not:

  • Attempt to exit the game during an active roleplay situation even if you are downed/dead.
  • Respawn after being downed if there is an active situation around you or involving you.


  1. Selling IC (in character) Items OOC

Do Not:

  • Trade any in character assets for any type of out of character item(s).


  1. Abuse of Reports or Assistance

Do Not:

  • Make spam by continuously reporting. One report is enough.
  • Ask non-relative questions.


  1. Unacceptable Roleplay

Do Not:

  • Kidnap or transport EMS against their will.
  • Kill or harm EMS unless they are being openly hostile, or promoting a violent situation.
  • Impersonate EMS or Police.
  • Steal EMS or PD vehicles.
  • Use IC friends as hostages, or offer rewards to the hostage ahead or during the situation, however rewarding them for complying after the fact is acceptable. In addition, a hostage cannot be willing and has to value their life accordingly.
  • GTA drive. Any forms of GTA driving (unrealistic driving) is not permitted. For eg: Driving through the mountains using a super car at 120 MPH.
  • You may NOT 'dump' people in the ocean or in other ways "finish them off" (E.g Burning the body) after an encounter with them for the sole reason of wiping their memory so as to suffer no consequences - there must be more reasoning behind it and it must make sense in character.
  • Take police hostage.
  • Rob police. This includes taking any police property including items from trunks.
  • Taking hostile actions as soon as you’re revived. You have been shot, you are seriously injured so you must remove yourself from the active situation and get treatment. If you are in medical custody, you need to be discharged by the EMS before you can leave.
  • Roleplay disabilities - we do not want to cause offence to those with ‘in real life’ disabilities.
  • Play music through your mic when it doesn’t make sense to do so.
  • Shout down the mic unnecessarily.
  • Role-playing or creating a character under the age of 18.


  1. Failure to Roleplay

Do Not:

  • Type or chat in OOC unless incase of an emergency or instructed by a staff member. However, you are permitted to use "/me", /report or discord channels if you are new to the server.
  • Speak in an OOC manner (Things in my head) while playing unless its an emergency and is absolutely required (for eg: Fell through the map, scuffed eyes, have to take a call in my head), or it has been allowed by a staff member.
  • Call Police for the sole purpose of kidnapping them.
  • Use an immersion breaking pitch when using a voice changer. Voice changers are permitted as long as it’s realistic and is deemed acceptable by the staff team.
  • Shoot someone because you do not want to die.
  • Try and blame a glitch or bug for something that did not occur in game. Go with it and turn it into a roleplay situation and make it work.
  • Fake perma your character. Perma'ing your character is a big decision and not one that should be taken lightly. As implied in the term, it is a PERMANENT decision and your character will be WIPED from the database. Only under extremely monitored circumstances will it be allowed for you to have 'faked' your death. This must be arranged in advance with a member of the Management team and you must present them with all the relevant details, a back story into why you feel you should be allowed to fake your death and the potential repercussions. It will then be discussed and decided on.
  • Talk in an OOC manner whilst in EMS or Police radio channels.
  • Talk about admins, reporting or anything else that wouldn’t make sense in character.
  • Reference your own or someone's other character/s deliberately.


  1. New Life Rule

Do Not:

  • Go back to the scene or scenario that you have been picked up from by EMS.
  • Provoke, harm or kill the same character you’ve just attempted to kill
  • Continue the roleplay situation after life support.


  1. Lying to a Staff member

Do Not:

  • Lie in a report or ticket regarding your vehicle, assets, weapons ammo, drugs, or any other item that you can obtain within the game. This is all logged, and if caught you will be severely punished.
  • Attempt to mislead a staff member by creating a fallacy simply to gain an advantage or abuse OOC mediums such as vehicle teleports or asset refunds.
  • Falsify videos, screenshots, recordings or any other piece of evidence in refund requests, player complaints, staff complaints or any other OOC reporting method. This will lead to you being permanently banned. 


  1. Away From Keyboard (AFK)

Do Not:

  • AFK on the server for any longer than 15 minutes (you will be automatically kicked).
  • Collect paychecks by being on duty as PD/EMS/Mechanic or any job with consistent paycheck, without actually doing the job. For eg: On duty as a cop, but going around in civilian clothing and doing other activities. On duty as a mechanic, and mining. On duty as EMS, but not responding to calls.


  1. Illegal vehicles

Do Not:

  • Use any military vehicles, vehicles with mounted guns, cars that can fly or go underwater. If you see any of these vehicles about, please contact a staff member. We may reward you!


  1. Police / EMS baiting (Fail RP)

Do Not:

  • Call police for any scenario where you would not require their assistance
  • Attempt to deliberately get a car chase for no reason (e.g. doing donuts in a vehicle in the middle of the road).
  • Call the Police or EMS and bait them into a scenario where you or any other characters are able to then rob, kidnap or kill them.


  1. Value of Life
  • The value of your own life and other individuals applies. This rule allows realistic environments for all citizens and consequences for those who don’t wish to participate in said environment. When in a shoot-out, if you are shot down due to not valuing your own life, then you have no recourse against that person in or out of character. If you require further explanation on this rule, please visit the in-depth rules.

Do Not:

  • Pull out a weapon and kill someone if they clearly have the advantage (e.g. Knife vs Pistol). This also depends on whether you have your knife out already and how close you are. If you don’t have it out and pull it out whilst a gun is pointed at you, then you would be considered in the wrong and possibly punished for Fail RP.


  1. Gunplay over Roleplay (Fail RP)
  • Whenever you are interacting with another player and a situation escalates, try to always keep in mind to avoid gunplay. Not every situation has to result in violence or gun fights. Ask yourself the question;

    If I take my gun out right now, will it escalate the situation for no reason?

    Do I need to fire my gun in this situation or can it be resolved another way without involving weapons?


  1. Jobs

Do Not:

  • Go on duty as a mechanic just to repair your own car for free
  • Go on duty as a EMS just to revive your friend.
  • Go on duty as a COP to unjail your friend.
  • Use your job to get a free vehicle for robberies, etc. It is for your job only, use it to create roleplay scenarios.
  • Use your job to kidnap or rob people repeatedly.
  • Play a character that has two jobs. You are only allowed to have one job at a time per character.


  1. Account Termination

PassionRP Staff Team preserves the right to ban, terminate or wipe a players account/s, if the player is found to be breaking any of the rules mentioned above.

The staff team preserves the right to take appropriate action against any rule breaks at their own discretion.


  1. Enjoy your time on Passion RP!

We hope you enjoy your time on Passion RP. Please do not hesitate to give us any advice or server suggestions you would like to see added in the future. You can use either the discord channels for that, or use the forums suggestions section to do that.



PassionRP Management Team

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