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Change Log - 29/06/2020

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Bug Fix

- Fixed the animation cancel bug on the recycle job.
- We adjusted our player slots back down to 64 to surpress the default danny issue.

- Buffed Van Jobs
- You cannot run and apply a vest anymore

- You cannot put on vests in 5 seconds anymore



- Removed pee and poop (got abused too quicky, shitlordy)



- Van jobs have been rewritten from the ground up from v1. Here are some key differences:

1. Requires 3 cops online.
2. It does alert the police, much like a bank robbery.
3. It pays out a variety of different random rewards: money, gold bars, watches, weapons (not class 2's), drugs, other goodies.
4. It's harder. There are different tiers of van jobs - and it's random. Some of the van jobs there will be 7 or 8 NPC's hiding in the bushes with class 2s. One of the job has 2 people with bean bag shotguns and a taser. You might get wrecked.
5. It has a cooldown of 60 minutes per steam id.

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