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Server Change Log - 14/07/2020

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Bug Fix
- Updated Havoc MC Cuts
- Fixed Repair Kits Downgrading engine to 50% if it's above that.
- Reduced Text Rendering Distance for Money Safes.
- Moved Whiskey Jim's door lock and stash

- Pets now despawn if the owner Logs out



- Misfit MC Cuts

- Warning Notifications when pets are getting tired or hungry

- New Female/Male Haircuts.

- Traphouses ( Player Owned Store, as a controllable resource that automates selling items to locals ), if you find the traphouse you can get the pincode by holding up locals by pointing your gun at them. Some of the locals might know and will give you the code. Otherwise you'll steal a little money from them.

- /entertrap house is the command if you are up against the door for a trap house.


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