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Server Change Log - 17/07/2020

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- After talking with people that run the traphouse, we have shown them the value in a multitude of new items. they are so amazed, that they are now purchasing all those items.

- The Banks have been consilting with the FIB a lot recently, I think they have plans to increase the amount of items stored in their Vaults.
- Stanley has noticed your interested in some of the small items; that he thought was useless. He will make attempts to strip more of these items for you.
- Buffed House Stashes from 1000 KG - 10,000 KG
- Fixed Staff Chat

- Made it so your Wallet ID is now shown at the bottom of the crypto app for transfers

- Fixed some OP Stuff in the Traphouse
- Buffed all Player Owned Business Salaries, They now start at 150 and go up to 250 for the owner of the business.
- Reduced the radius of the GPS Tracking half

- Since we released the hotdog stand we've received some feedback, we have increased the payout price ( ranged for each type) and have reduced the costs to rent a stand by half.

- Hotdog stand radius for peds is a bit decreased to try and counter local peds in vehicles stopping in the middle of the roads, please bare that in mind when you're out selling.

- Increased required cops for van jobs. ( Now Requires 4 )

- Fixed Notifications while off duty for PD/EMS

- Made it so Off Duty PD/EMS can't join restricted channels.
- Fixed Stash's inside Houses


New Job: Nightclub for the Nightclub Owner

- Added doorlocks, stash, shop and money safe to the nightclub

- Added CryptoSticks to Pacific Bank Robbery. This will give you a random amount of bitcoin. You need to find the hacking house to input the crypto,
- Added a Black Market. It's a Door, you need to walk up to it and press E.
- Added a Material Market. So you can either spend your time or spend your money, It's on the map at the junk yard.
- Added Real Estate Interior.
- Added Locks to the Vineyard



- Removed hard cuffing, we don't think it's fair your anchored to the ground, ROLEPLAY IT OUT DONT JUST RUN OFF WHEN YOUR CUFFED

- Removed Weazel News Interior

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